What is SCENAR Therapy?

SCENAR stands for Self Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptic Regulator.
SCENAR is TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) listed as a Level 2 pain relief device.
SCENAR therapy is non invasive. Therapy is delivered via the skin.
SCENAR has an advanced interaction with the nerves. The electrical impulses generated by the SCENAR device are similar to the body’s own nerve impulses. This is why the body does not see the stimulation as foreign.

How does SCENAR work?

SCENAR stimulates an electronic “conversation” with the brain to re-open/restore the affected lines of communication within the body, prompting it to “restart” the healing process.
The body has its own self regulation or self balancing/ healing system (homeostasis). “Balancing” is dependent on the constant flow of information being delivered to the brain from the nervous, endocrine (hormonal) and circulatory systems. The quickest system is the nervous system which delivers information via electric impulses.

Is SCENAR Therapy safe?

Yes, it is non-invasive and non toxic. SCENAR is a computerised transdermal device (placed on your skin) that uses bio-feedback to help the body to heal itself of pain and dysfunction.


What is SCENAR used for?

SCENAR is indicated for pain associated with

  • Trauma
  • Musculoskeletal problems
  • Sports injuries
  • Wound healing
  • Fatigue/low energy conditions


Who can’t SCENAR be used for?

SCENAR is not recommended for use on:

  • Clients who have Cardiac pacemakers/ defibrillators
  • Clients who are prone to seizures such as epilepsy
  • Clients who are pregnant


Can I have SCENAR if I have pins/ plates/screws or artificial joints?

  • Yes, SCENAR can be used if you have pins, plates, screws or artificial joints.


What are the Benefits of SCENAR?

  • Reduction and/or elimination of pain leading to increased range of movement
  • Accelerated healing
  •  Improved sleep and reduction of tension


What happens during a SCENAR treatment?

  • At your initial consultation, a comprehensive health history/assessment will be taken.
    • The treatment can last for 30 minutes to one hour.
    • The SCENAR device will be applied onto your skin. You will usually feel no more than a tingling sensation.
    • You will be encouraged to tell the SCENAR therapist of any changes you feel or sensations you experience.
    • The aim is to achieve a CHANGE in your condition during the treatment.
    In most cases an immediate benefit will be experienced. However, in some cases symptoms may increase. It indicates that your body is responding quickly and a change is occurring. This is what we are looking for after your first consultation – it is a good sign!


Will I have to come back for further treatment?

  • This will depend on the severity of your symptoms and how long you have had symptoms.
    • Acute injuries/symptoms may take only a few treatments.
    • Chronic symptoms or imbalances in the body that have been there for over 3 months may take a number of treatments.

How much does it cost?

Initial consultation and treatment is $70
• Subsequent Treatments are $50 for 1 hour.
• Discounted package deals are available.
• Fees are payable at the end of each treatment.

Can I claim through medicare or private health insurance?

At present you are not able to claim the therapy treatments through your health fund, but the SCENAR Association of Australia is continuing to seek and investigate this.


Should I tell my GP I am having SCENAR therapy?

If you are receiving treatment from your doctor, relative to the condition we are treating you for, then it makes sense to inform him or her about SCENAR therapy. Treatment may enable you to reduce or even stop taking some medication – under the supervision of your doctor of course.


Can I use SCENAR at home?

Yes, there are home user ENAR devices (for sale or hire) and home user training available.  Although having access to the technology is a good thing on many levels, there are many situations where the insight, training, and expertise of a practitioner can be invaluable in the facilitation of the body in its healing efforts.