Wes Lawton


I first heard of Manfred’s  Scenar Therapy practice through a person who  had great  [ nearly unbelievable ] success with a back issue that had left him living his day in an armchair. I  still approached this with some scepticism as I had over eighteen years tried everything there is to relieve pain [ except drugs which only end up giving you other problems down the track ] in my neck, which was a result of a motorcycle accident where I had broken C1,C2,C3 and C4, and am very lucky to be able to be typing this letter. The pain was returning with vengeance and on a visit to two Orthopaedic surgeons I was told any operation to help was out of the question with what damage had already been done.

After five sessions with Manfred there was some relief that I could notice but had plateaued and thought that was it. My wife convinced me to pay for another three sessions. It was the very next one that switched the light on, so to speak and with so much success I continued with it until I purchased my own ENAR machine which I now use about every two weeks as a maintenance.

I cannot put into words other than this letter how much this has helped. TAC helped pay for this machine and they do their homework before paying for ANYTHING. They themselves were amazed at their findings before issuing my request for the purchase of the ENAR machine.


Ian Bransden


In April 2016 after having suffered from severe Lower Back & Neck Pain for many years – with little or no relief from medication – I tried “SCENAR” Therapy.

I was a little pessimistic at first – however after my first treatment with Manfred – I had almost instant relief.

Due to the  absence of pain I have now, after many years been able to return to  “Full Time” work in the building trade.

I was so impressed with the technology and the relief it gave me, I bought the smaller “Personal Enar” machine for my personal and immediate home use.

I still from time to time receive follow up maintenance treatments from Manfred. However between these maintenance treatments and using my own Enar when immediate pain strikes – I have been able to work continuously and relatively pain free for the last 2 and a half years.

I would say to others who are in pain – “Don’t suffer in pain, try it and like my family and I have found, it is something that worked when everything else had failed me”.


Pat Solari


A shattered tendon in the shoulder is painful and disabling. Cortisone injections made no impact, so an operation was needed.

But first I was referred to Manfred for SCENAR Therapy.

After several treatments mobility was back and I was painfree. 5 years later I am still painfree and have full mobility of arm and shoulder without having to have an operation.


Daniel Marchesi


At the age of 19 at the end of my second year of my carpentry apprenticeship I had a workplace accident involving a circular saw. The saw jumped back and cut my left hand, I lost my little finger, and destroyed my ring finger knuckle and my middle finger just below the knuckle.

Before I met Manfred and before he started treating me – I suffered with pain everyday. I continued to complete my apprenticeship and go on to work for myself for 2 more years, Everyday was a constant battle with pain. Some nights I would come home from work not being able to move my hand, it would be so cramped and sore. I would use painkillers such as Endone and Codeine for the pain.

When I met Manfred and he told me about Scenar Therapy – I was a little sceptical, as I had tried numerous things by doctors and surgeons, they had all told me that there was nothing they could do to help – I would have to live with the pain.

Manfred began treating me and from the beginning the Scenar machine started working – it freed up movement in my hand and I was able to move freely without pain. My pain went from a constant 9-10 to a 4 0r 5 which is a lot more bearable.

I have been able to work without pain for the last few months. I have gone from using pain medication daily to only using pain medication when I need to which would be around once or twice a week. I am continuing treatment with Manfred and everyday my hand feels better and better.